Screenshot of Performance INC Sydney Website design

About this project

Performance Inc is a Sydney-based training organisation that needed a website that showcased its services in a clean and modern interface. A WordPress CMS allows for easy customisation and maintenance.

The Design

The goals of the website were to showcase the services Performance Inc provides to its clients and to generate leads. The design’s focus was on making it clear what Performance Inc do and making the call to action clear and forefront.

Performance Inc already had a string brand in place and the website aims to build off that using the combination of colours and gradients, while also introducing imagery and iconography to help visualise the services and culture that make Performance Inc.

Site Architecture

The website follows the best practice landing page structure for the homepage with a clear intro title, call to action and a brief overview of the services. As well as featuring client testimonials for social proof, social proof can be a great tool to add instant credibility to a website and improves trust with visitors.

The site’s navigation structure keeps things simple with “What We Do”, “Who We Are”, “Programs” and finally “Contact”. This allows visitors to quickly gain an overview of Performance Inc’s expertise and how they operate while always repeating the call to action to contact.

WordPress Development

The website runs off of WordPress for a simple to update and manage CMS (Content Management System).